Our offered treatments are based on our experiences over the years and the ongoing development of our employees. Please find an overview of our treatments so you can enjoy your time at us. Every treatment which we offer is generating physical and also a mental success. We have recapped the effects of all our treatments below so you can find the right therapy for you. We are answering all of your questions so you can looking forward to your treatment.

The traditional thai massage is a therapy to mobilize all your joints based on the doctrine of the buddhism. It is done in a comfortable laying-down position on the ground or a matress. To get into a nice rekaxing mode the room should be a feel good place prepared with innocents, oils and calming music.

The masseuse is handling you with a lot of care and is feeling your muscles and skin. She is recognzing the accuracy of the movements by the reaction of the customer. The body will be moved slowly and soft which is supporting the relaxation. One of the most know distinguishing marks of the Thai technique is the soft pressure also called „Walken“. The masseuse is using the heel of her hand to give soft pressure to your body. Additionally they are using stretching methods. They are moving and stretching every body part of the customer and using their own weight as a balance. The traditional process is starting with the pressure methods and is ending with the stretching methods.


At first you are laying on your belly and the masseuse is starting to massage the reflex zones of your feet with slight pressure. On the way to your belly and the meridian points they are massaging your legs. Afterwards they are taking care of yours arms right up to your hands where the reflex zones will be massaged too. Then the customer is turning on his or her belly and the whole process starts again but this time all the energy points in your face will be taken care of too. The traditional thai massage should not be shorter than 90min to get the best results out of it.

Like at every other massage you should prepare a nice ambience before starting the back massage. Essential oils, nice music and an appropriate temperature can support this. A natural oil is used at this massage like almond oil or sesame oil. It is also appropriate to have at least two towels for the customer, one to lay on and one to cover him or her. The customer will be massaged topless. You can leave your pants on but your bottom will be cleared and your clothes will be protected with a towel.

The masseuse warms the oil in her hands and is starting the massage with long and wide moves along the spine. Due to this first contacts the skin is getting prepared for the massage. Now the fingertips can put some pressure onto your muscles and can do rotary movements. The masseuse should be looking out for hard, stiff or painful points. At this points the massage will be more intensive and longer in the next step.



At the beginning your feet will be put on a pillow, a roll or something similar to put them into a higher position. They should not lay down on the pillow but stick out so the masseuse have total access to your feet. The customer decides if he wants to sit or lay down. No matter what he decides for it is really important that the blood can flow. It does not make any sense to get a massage if your feet are cold or numb. If you are having cold feet you should warm them up properly before the massage, e.g. with a warm foot bath. And your feet should be freshly washed of course. The aim of the massage should be clear by now: Is it about relaxation, wellness or getting away from the daily routine, or is there a serious labor grievance like tensions, problems at the gastrointestinal passage, sleep disorder or headaches?


The masseuse is getting in contact by enclosing and holding your feet with both hands and additionally softly is running her hands over your feet. Your muscles will be slackened by kneading of the sole of your feet and the blood flow will be stimulated. The masseuse will also be massaging the muscles of your calves because this is an important part of the foot-reflexology-massage too. Afterward they will take care of the stretching of joints. Therefore your toes get pulled and bended.

It is important to have a nice atmosphere and nice smelling oils before starting the massage.It is helping the customer to relax and feeling good. The relaxation will be supported by fresh air and a pleasant room temperature. Your health and well-being will be improved by a whole body massage. The cells of your skin will be spoild by touches. Your muscles will be slack. Your senses will be sharpened.


Most likely the massage is starting at your back. The customers will be massaged in a comfortable position. This will be on the massage table or on a blanket or mat. After getting in the right position the masseuse will warm up the oil in her hands and rubs it gently on your back. There are different possibilities of massage techniques, such as spreading, kneading, pressing, tapping, vibrating and rubbing. In between one of this techniques there are different sub techniques. A whole body massage is a addition to your well-being due tot he variety of the different grabbing-techniques. The grabs are getting combined and are exercised over your whole body. This is how a pleasant whole body massage will be done. It is slacking your muscles and let your respiration get better and deeper. Your CNS will be influenced in a nice way and the massage of your feet, nack and head is concluding the relaxation.


The whole body massage is having a positive effect on your body and soul. This insight is spreaded all over and more and more people trust in it. Back in the days massages have been more a thing which a doctor was prescribing. Nowadays it is more and more a luxury for people to get out of their daily routine. The whole body massage is slacking tension, is giving energy and high spirits and due to the improvement of the blood flow your skin is getting better too. All your senses will bloom and produce an inner smile.


There is no big difference in the preperation for a herbal stamp massage than for any other classical massage. The customers will be welcomed with dim light, relaxing music and nice smells out of essential oils. The most important thing about these kind of massage is the precise heating of the stamps. They will get heated in warm oil or with steam – the temperature should be between 70 and 100 degrees celsius. The body will get wrapped in nurturing oils before starting with the massage.Afterwards the your body will be massaged with the hands and the stamps rotatory: soft and strong. The herbs are getting deeper into your skin and body due to tapping and pressing.


Breath deeply and enjoy it to the max – this is the must-do for a herbal stamp massage. The room is flooded with nice smells.The herbal stamp massage is recommended if you have insomnia, chronic fatigue, stress, tensions and algor. The technique is slacking tensions, activating self-regulating forces and is strengthening the immunity system. When somebody is stressed out the massage is relaxing the VNS but also if you are having back, nack or sciatic nerv pains this kind of massage is easing off the pain. It is also a good way of massage for rheumatic disesases and cellulite. The ingredients of the stamp is depending on the symptoms which should be eased. The traditional stamp contains ginger, rosmary, cinnamon, cardamon, chervel seeds, cloves and zest. Some herbs and oils are having a skin strengthening and cleansing effect – such as wolf’s bane, calendula, melissa, peppermint and sage. Melissa, lavender, amber, rose petals, hops and camomile blossoms can fight stress. Marigold and camomille should be added to the stamp if you have sensitive skin. Verbena, yarrow and lady’s mantle have a positive effect on female ailments.

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