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is offering relaxation and wellness out of the hectic daily routine in an aesthetic and nice atmosphere in the heart of Berlin. We really focused on an authentic, stylish and premium ambience which is combining the western design with the traditional Thai materials and art. You can have a small Thai wellness holiday in the heart of Berlin in Greifswalder Straße by using our special offer from traditional Thai massages, our fish spa or a herbal stamp massages. We are looking forward to give you advice on our practices and products in our comfortable waiting area while serving you hot or cold beverages.



Name: Garra Rufa / Cyprinion macrostomus (lat.), doctor fish, cangal fish

Size: up to 14 cm

Life expectation: up to 7 yearsLiving space: nutrient-poor, slightly alkalineClimate: 15 – 37 degrees celsius, optimal keeping at 28/32 degrees celsius

Origin: Jordan, Eurasia, Rivers in Southern Turkey, North Syria

The Garra Rufa is mostly called doctor fish by mistake. This name was given to him as it was proved that he could relieve ailment in combination with a light therapy. At his origin he is living in swarms in nutrient-poor waters (thermal springs) where the average water temperature is around 35 degreees celsius. Most of the time he is eating small alga as it is really hard for other plants to grow in this warm waters. 200 years ago the people who lived around that area have taken baths in the thermal springs to relax and recognized the fishes came tot hem without any fear. They also recognized that the fishes started to nibbel on their skin and they liked it. As some of them noticed that the structure of their skin was getting better, more and more people came to participate in this wellness treatment. A lot of them reported that their skin ailments, such as neurodermatitis and psoriasis was getting better.

Our fishes get feeded additional every day. They are feeded with plant food, and also food tablets with high spirulina part and fresh vegetables. We are not letting the fishes suffer from hunger so that they dash at your feet. Every Garra Rufa has a will on it’s own and can decide whether he likes to nibble or not.

The fishes are kept appropriate to their species so that they can feel comfortable. We are using bigger basins then regulated by law. That is why our basins can hold more fishes than usual and the pedicure is more effective than in other fish spas. It is not stressing the fishes if you are putting your feet slowly into the water. The nibbeling is comparable to a delicacy and totally natural for them. As the dead skin is pure proteins and so it is like a protein shake for them.

Every new customer has declare, before using the fish spa, that he or she does not suffer from any perticular diseases. Children and teens under 16 years old have to be given consent by their legal guardian who also have to sign the document for them. If diseases or injuries are appearing in the shop you are unfortunately not able to use the fish spa but you are very welcomed to use one of our treatments. Your are just allowed to use the fish spa with healthy feet. Every foot will be checked in advanced before cleaning and desinfecting. We are not offering any treatments for diseases, such as neurodermatitis, psoriasis, open wounds and fungus diseases.

Disease patterns which are not able to participate:

  • Athlete’s foot, nail fungus and all other fungus diseases
  • Psoriasis
  • Open wounds at the feet
  • Warts and Clavus

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